How to paint your own Indy Car

  1. First, purchase model paint or the specific paint specified by the owner of the store from which you got it from.
  2. Remove the screws from the bottom of the car, be careful of things connected to the body from the chassis when separating them.
  3. If so you desire, remove the wing from the Indy Car; the wing can be glued back on after painting or for more realistic crashes you can leave it unglued to the body.
  4. If spray painting, mask off all areas where you don't want the paint, this means cover them up with a good tape and seal them down nicely.
  5. Paint your body the colors which you have chosen.
  6. If you want to put on decals, now is the time. Wait 'till the paint has dried and then apply your decals.
  7. That's it!  You have your very own Indy Car all painted up the way YOU like it.
  8. Bring it to Cool Games to race!  You get a break in prices if you bring a painted car, and an even better deal if you bring the picture of the real car you modeled yours after.
  9. If you have any questions email us at or call us at (978) 486-4145.